About us

Our business model comprises purchasing, stock-keeping and sales of spare parts and accessories. We create value for our customers and shareholders by offering affordable, high-quality products and services.

Mekonomen Group consists of the leading automotive spare-parts chains in the northern Europe; FTZ, Inter-Team, MECA, Mekonomen and Sørensen og Balchen. Our growth opportunity lies in a combination of strong central purchasing operation and differentiated concepts and brands towards our customers. The Group operates in four core markets, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Sales take place via our central warehouses, to the Group’s branches and on to our affiliated workshops and other business customers. Sales are also made to consumers through our branches.

Purchases of spare parts take place from the same suppliers that supply the car manufacturers. Purchases are made through a common purchasing function for all companies in the Group. Around 80 per cent of the product supply is obtained through purchases from 160 suppliers.

Wholesale business
In our central and regional warehouse in the Nordic region, articles for more than 15,000 car models are kept in stock. In Sweden, a project is under way where MECA and Mekonomen are obtaining a highly automated central warehouse in Strängnäs.

The majority of the Group’s sales take place through the Group’s five branch concepts. Most stores are owned through subsidiaries by Mekonomen Group, there are also partnership and franchise stores. The customers are affiliated concept workshops, other workshops as well as other companies and consumers.

Our affiliated concept workshops offer service and repairs of cars and light trucks, to consumers and companies. The Group own around 80 workshops, the majority of the workshops is operated by third parties in a separate company, but is part of one of the Group’s workshop concepts. The workshops service and repair most car brands and models in each market.

Car owners
We offer workshop services and car accessories to car owners in the Nordic region and Poland. We seek to provide clear value to our customers and to be affordable and innovative with high quality and provide a high level of service.

We know your car

Mekonomen Group’s workshops are covered by the EU group exemption which give car owners the right to choose workshop for service and repairs. The work is always done in accordance with the car manufacturers´ specifications which means retained new car guarantees, warranty on work and spare parts and you get a valid service book stamp. We buy spare parts from the same suppliers that deliver to the car manufacturers and have access to the car manufacturers’ special tools and the latest software updates to be able to take care of your car in the right way.

In brief

President and CEO:
Pehr Oscarson

Chairman of the board:
John S. Quinn

We are the car owner’s first choice and strive for a simpler and more
affordable CarLife

Own wholesale operation, about 460 stores and over 3,400 workshops

The share:
The share has been listed since 29 May, 2000 on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm (MEKO)

About 5,500 (December 2018)

SEK 7 951 M (December 2018)