Mekonomen Group’s overall strategy is to grow with good profitability. The strategy is based on the three main areas of customer focus, leveraging economies of scale and continuous development of our business to be able to offer our customers solutions for an easier and more affordable car life.

The strategy is the action plan we constantly follow to continue to be competitive, achieve our long-term goals and create value for our stakeholders. It is based on our foremost assets, which are our committed employees and differentiated businesses, brands and concepts. The Group’s operations are built up of strong individual cultures and values, which is a strength we cherish and will retain. Common to the Group is that we as a company and our employees act on the basis of respect, commitment and customer focus.

Profitable Growth
Mekonomen Group’s main focus is generating profitable sales growth in all of our Group companies. Our strategy builds on the conviction that we have a better possibility of meeting the customers’ varying needs through the companies’ differentiated concepts and brands. To create profitable growth, it is important that we quality assure the customer experience and are deemed to have an affordable offering. To ensure long-term sustainable growth, it is important that Mekonomen Group is involved in leading the industry’s development of future product and service offerings.

Customer focus
With our various concepts, we want to attract car owners to our branches and workshops, both proprietary and affiliated. Being sensitive to what car owners demand and being on the forefront of development are crucial to Mekonomen Group’s success. Being a good partner to our affiliated workshops is equally important. It is primarily through value creation for our affiliated and proprietary workshops that we can be successful ourselves. One of our most important focus areas is therefore to support our workshops to jointly offer added value, availability, affordability and provide solutions for the needs of the car owners.

Economies of scale and efficiency
We are streamlining the operations by utilising our economies of scale and creating a common platform in the areas where we see that we can obtain synergy effects. Through our size, we gain purchasing advantages that enable competitive offers, give us the possibility to invest in the customer offers of the future, logistics and support systems.

Business development
Business development and innovation symbolises the entrepreneurship that has historically been one of Mekonomen Group’s main characteristics. Innovation permeates everything we do, not just innovation close to the market, but also innovation in business structures and business flows.

Business concept

Mekonomen Group’s business concept is to offer consumers and companies solutions for a simpler and more affordable car life by using clear and innovative concepts, high quality and an efficient logistics chain.

Business model

Mekonomen purchase spare parts and accessories from major suppliers that are stocked and distributed in its own wholesale operations. Products ans services are sold through stores, workshops and e-commerce.