Corporate Governance

Mekonomen Group applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance in a manner that is described in detail in the annual Corporate Governance report the report is attached to the Annual Report and possible to download under Corporate Governance/Corporate Governance reports on this webb.

Mekonomen Group’s corporate governance concerns how the operations are governed, managed and controlled in order to create value for the company’s shareholders and other stakeholders. The aim of corporate governance is to create the conditions for active and responsible company bodies, to clarify roles and segregation of responsibilities and to ensure true and fair reporting and information.

If companies covered by the Code in any way do not apply the Code, this shall be clearly stated and the reasons explained. Any deviations from the Code by Mekonomen and motivations of these are reported continuously in the Corporate Governance Report.

Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

Information on the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance is available on the website for the Swedish Corporate Governance Board

Foreign investors can also find Special Features of Swedish Corporate Governance on this website. (Under the writing: “Special Features of Swedish Corporate Governance”)