Our brands

The brands are our most important asset. We are confident that the combination of a strong central purchasing function and clearly differentiated concepts and brands to selected target groups creates growth.

Mekonomen Group

Mekonomen Group is the parent company (legal name Mekonomen AB). The Group’s three retail and workshop chains MECA, Mekonomen and BilXtra (runed by the group company Sørensen og Balchen) operates in much the same geographical markets but with different concepts, offers and solutions to meet the different needs of the target customers. There is however full competition in the market. To use the group’s size advantages in the market, centralization has occurred in areas such as Purchasing, Supply Chain, IT, Logistics and Marketing. The key functions are working to strengthen all individual brands and concepts in the group with the aim to strengthen the Group as a whole. Besides these brands, the Group also has service concepts and own brand products.

Markets: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland


MECA has a clear B2B focus and primarily turns to the workshops as a business partner. The company also sells directly to enterprises and organizations and has been successful in gaining market share in the public sector. MECA’s end user is a person who sees the car as more than a means of transport, who like tinkering yourself and/or are very interested in cars.

Markets: Sweden and Norway



Mekonomen has in addition to the relationship with the affiliated workshops a clear position towards the consumer market. The affiliated workshops are an integral business partner in the joint offering to the end consumer. Mekonomen´s concept includes affordability, quality and overall solutions. The end customer want security and comprehensive solutions in the format of a “one-stop-shop” solution, all in one place where problem – whether it’s about service, repair, wash or automotive glass – will be resolved.

Markets: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland

Sørensen og Balchen

Sørensen og Balchen is a wholesale operation with stores and workshops under the brand BilXtra. The company has a strong focus and is the leader in car accessories to consumers. Car accessories represents 30% of Sørensen og Balchen sales. The end customer is a person of great interest in cars, keen to personalize the look of their car with different types of accessories.

Market: Norway


Speedy is the group’s concept for fast and efficient car service and qualified automotive repair. The concept offers pre-booking as well as drop-in service and are specifically designed for car owners who live or work near the workshop. High availability, affordability and quality have made Speedy Sweden’s most popular workshop chain with the rating 4.6 out of 5 from the car owners (Reco).

Market: Sweden


The workshop concept MekoPartner has a broad network of workshops in Scandinavia. The workshops are working for high quality standards and use the same parts as other concepts within the Group. The customer target group is mainly car drivers with older cars.

Markets: Sweden and Norway


ProMeister is Mekonomen Group’s own premium brand of spare parts. The range consists of high quality and affordable parts of the modern European car fleet. Production takes place according to vehicle manufacturers’ processes and standards to ensure that the new car guarantees always apply. ProMeister parts also has the longest warranty in the industry, 5 years. The product range is sold at MECA, Mekonomen and BilXtra.


Carwise is the group’s own brand for car accessories with high quality and value for money as the greatest focus. The range includes roof racks, bike carriers, snow chains, rims, jacks, wrenches, polishing tools, degreasers, electrical equipment chargers and more. The accessories are sold through Mekonomen, MECA and BilXtra stores.

Promeister Academy

The training center ProMeister Academy is responsible for continuous professional development of our mechanics. The purpose of the academy is to ensure excellence in our workshops, ensuring that we have the best mechanics and their knowledge constantly follows the technological and mechanical developments. Since launch, mechanics-training days in Sweden and Norway have increased by 15%


Mekonomen Group in patnership with the polish company Inter Cars has invested in a testing laboratory in Poland named Intermeko. Before the products are approved and become available for sale, the product range are beeing tested and evaluated, including and especially ProMeister- and Carwise-range. The tests are made through comparisons with product specifications to ensure that the parts do not differ in quality and function.

Opus Equipment

Opus Equipment sells and delivers workshop equipment to professional workshops and vehicle inspection stations. In addition to equipment from the major well known brands the company also offers solutions as service and maintenance of the equipment. Opus Equipment operates as a subsidiary under MECA.


Lasingoo is a search engine for workshop services and vehicle inspections stations. Car owners can book workshop services directly via a computer or mobile phone and see available times as well as get a fixed price directly on the screen. Lasingoo is an industry-driven initiative in collaboration with the leading industry players; Autoexperten, AD Bildelar, Bosch CarService, Hedins Bil and OKQ8.