Mekonomen Group aims at the forefront of issues related to sustainability, combined with business value in our industry. Sustainability should be an integral part of the business where the sustainability goals contributes to creating value for the company.

As an industry leader, our decisions and priorities have a direct impact on our employees and customers, but also on our industry and our surrounding world. Consequently, we have to take responsibility and be on the forefront with regard to sustainability in our industry. Sustainability should be an integrated part of the business operations where set targets contribute to creating value for the company. The group’s sustainability work is divided into seven focus areas with regard to quality, environment and social conditions in every stage – from production to sales.

Customer satisfaction
We conduct a continuous dialogue with our customers to ensure that they experience a high level of customer service, quality and affordability.

Product and workshop quality
We ensure a high level of quality through extensive product testing and continuous internal and external quality audits in our workshops.

We offer courses and further training for mechanics through the Group’s training centre ProMeister Academy.

Managers and employees
We offer a developing workplace that creates committed and involved managers and employees.

Our workplaces should reflect our customer groups and society at large.

Responsible purchasing
We continuously improve our follow-up processes to ensure consideration and compliance to human rights, working conditions, and environmental and anti-corruption regulations in our supply chain.

Transports and energy consumption
We continuously improve the efficiency of our operations to reduce CO² emissions and energy consumption.

Sustainability work should contribute to:

• Higher sales and growth
• Reduced business risks
• Greater expertise and quality in our workshops
• Securing the future supply of mechanics
• Strong, well-developed leadership and committed employees who are our ambassadors

Our values

We assume responsibility for our operating environment, shared resources and the environment, and we have confidence in the knowledge and ability of our employees. Our customers associate us with high quality.

We have high professional qualification within the areas in which we operate and that results in our customers perceiving us as reliable and knowledgeable.

Customer orientation
We place the customer first and satisfy our customers’ expectations, which means that our customers understand that we have a comprehensive view.

We seek new ideas and continuously evolve to meet the needs of existing and prospective customers. This results in our customers perceiving us as innovative.

Business orientation
We achieve strong financial results, with a balance between short-term and long-term earnings. We are perceived as offering value for money by the customer.