Community involvement

In long-term collaboration with our community partners, we are working to improve our industry and increase diversity and inclusion in society and business.

Dialogue and collaboration with social partners takes place with, among others, authorities (the Public Employment Services and Board of Education), organisations promoting diversity and integration (Mitt Liv, Mine, the En Frisk Generation foundation, the Glada Hudik Teater, Telge Tillväxt and Diversity Charter Sweden) and trade associations (SFVF, MRF).

Mitt Liv

Mitt Liv – Increased integration contributes to growth and gives both companies and individuals opportunities to develop and grow.

The cooperation with Mitt Liv means that Mekonomen provides mentors to people with a foreign background with an academic education. Through such work, we take advantage of the expertise available, as well as enabling people to work with something they have been trained for.

“Mekonomen believes in the work that My Life conducts and that an integrated society creates prosperity and reduce inequality – a development and future scenario that we at Mekonomen gladly participate in”

Telge Tillväxt- sloganTelge Tillväxt – Works to facilitate young people entering the labor market.

Since 2010, Mekonomen is a share holder in Telge Tillväxt. The operation focuses on providing young people in Södertälje work experience, contacts, references and knowledge of working life. The ambition is to halve youth unemployment in Södertälje.

4En frisk generation – The Foundation En frisk generation is a joint initiative by researchers from Karolinska Institute, private companies and various voluntary associations. The goal is to establish a long-term, viable method for influencing public health by engaging and motivating entire families, at an early age, to adopt a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. The operation is currently active in Sodertalje, Kungsbacka and Haninge. In cooperation with the children’s school, physical activities interspersed with the knowledge and motivation to improve families’ attitudes to life and health. Mekonomen is one of the foundation’s main sponsors.

Project Win Win Win

In cooperation with the Swedish Employment Service, we recruit new arrived Swedes with a background as car mechanics. This project is part in securing the future growth of mechanics in our workshops

MINE & Mitt Liv

Mentoring Program to help people with a foreign background to get into the Swedish labor market