Mekonomen Group has an entrepreneurial spirit characterised by commitment, in which all employees have opportunities for personal development and new challenges in their working life.

Our managers’ and employees’ commitment is a prerequisite for the Group’s success. In addition to the daily dialogue at the workplaces, in-depth talks take place on the employee’s goals, work situation and development opportunities. The employee gets feedback on his or her work and has the opportunity to provide feedback on his or her manager’s leadership. Internal recruitment is an important model to retain skilled expertise and a possibility for managers and employees to develop and accept new challenges in the Group.
Within MECA, there is also a Talent Management Programme that resulted in several examples of employees who had the opportunity of leadership development and being pulled up into management roles.
In 2015, the Group began a review of the HR work with a focus on developing leadership and introducing clearer structures for recruitment and follow-up, among other aspects. This work has mainly been initiated in Mekonomen Sweden and takes place as a part of increasing satisfaction at the workplace and improving earnings for the Group.

Diversity contributes to greater business value. We strive for our workplaces to reflect the diversity of our customer groups and society in general. By having employees and managers with varying experience and expertise, we improve the possibility of meeting the customers’ needs. Diversity is also important in order to create renewal and change in a traditional industry. For us, diversity is about the value of differences among our employees when it comes to gender, foreign backgrounds, age, education and experience.
Mekonomen Group has an age distribution in which around 50 per cent of the employees are under the age of 35, about 30 per cent of the employees are between 35 and 50, and around 20 per cent of the employees are over 50. A major challenge for us is to create an even gender distribution in a traditionally male industry. The proportion of women in Mekonomen Group is currently about 20 per cent. In order to get a more even distribution, work is under way to introduce clearer processes in recruitment. Among other things, we strive to identify both male and female final candidates when filling positions. It is important to set an example at every level in the company, not least in the management groups. Our vision for 2020 is to have 35 per cent women in management positions.

Employee survey
The Group’s employee surveys include questions about job satisfaction and working conditions, management, commitment and whether individual employees are able to influence their work situation. The survey is an important tool to identify improvement areas in the Group, all the way from an overall perspective down to one’s own group or unit. Employee surveys are conducted every two years. The latest survey was conducted in 2015 and the results show a general positive development, including greater employee satisfaction (ESI).


Our employees are our key ambassadors and brand carriers.